The Quinn

380 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA, USA

A seamless extension of Boston's flourishing South End, The Quinn is designed to elevate the everyday through thoughtful luxuries and hospitality-focused services. Whether it's relaxing by the spa-like pool, hosting dinner on the rooftop terrace, or exploring local arts and culture, you can enjoy more of what matters. The versatile condominiums offer dramatic window heights overlooking downtown and the Back Bay. With custom oak cabinetry, bronze metal reveals, and polished Calacatta stone, every detail of The Quinn has been considered to create refined and relaxed spaces for living.


8,000 SF Fitness Center
Flexible Co-Working Spaces
Billiards Lounge
Party Room
Spa-like Swimming Pool with Sauna
Private Dining Space
Outdoor Roof Terrace
A variety of lounges for entertaining
Dog City, an exclusive In-house Grooming and Daycare.
Storage Units Available for Additional Monthly Fee:
Small 4'x4' $77
Medium 4'x5'2' $104
Large 4'x8' $135
On-Site Garage managed as a separate component.
Pet Policy: 2 Pets Max Allowed.


Artists, entrepreneurs, and families have settled into handsome brick homes, opened shops along Tremont Street, and enlivened the many parks in the neighborhood. Galleries have moved into 19th century warehouses in the thriving SoWa Art and Design District. One of Boston's most desirable areas, the South End boasts an edgy art scene, chic boutiques, and heralded restaurants like The Butcher Shop and Toro. Yet, it has retained its relaxed character and strong sense of community.


The Quinn has 3 income-restricted condominium homes for sale.

Current Condo Listings

Property# BedsPriceIncome Limit (AMI)Units Available
Nevins Hill1$213,70080%1
Nevins Hill1$280,700100%1
Nevins Hill2$252,00080%3
Nevins Hill2$326,000100%1
Nevins Hill2$496,400150%1
Nevins Hill3$368,500100%1
69 Cummins Highway2$252,00080%1
Fieldstone Way2$305,50080%1
Townhomes at Charles Park3$290,30080%1
Townhomes at Charles Park3$368,500100%1
Maplewood School Condos1$260,00080%1
Maplewood School Condos2$269,50080%1
1710 Dorchester Ave1$213,70080%1
1710 Dorchester Ave2$326,000100%1
7 Summer Street2 Bedroom$264,69180%3
7 Summer Street1 Bedroom$331,283Minimum 80% - Maximum 110%1
7 Summer Street2 Bedroom$380,187Minimum 80% - Maximum 110%1

BPDA Income Limits for 2022

Household Size70% AMI80% AMI90% AMI100% AMI110% AMI120% AMI150% AMI
1 Person$68,750$78,550$88,350$98,150$107,950$117,800 $147,250
2 Person $78,550$89,750$101,000$112,200 $123,400$134,600$168,250
3 Person$88,350$100,950$113,600$126,200$138,800 $151,450$189,300
4 Person$98,150$112,150$126,200$140,200$154,200$168,250$210,300
5 Person$106,050$121,150$136,300$151,450$166,550$181,750$227,150
6 Person$113,900$130,100$146,400$162,650$178,900$195,200$243,950

Maximum Asset Limits
80% AMI: $75,000
100% AMI: $100,000
Does not include retirement. Does include real estate.


The next step is to request an application.

January 31, 2022 – February 16, 2022

February 16, 2022 

Free language assistance is available for those whose primary language is not English or have limited English proficiency. For more information or reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact us.


Applications will be distributed between the dates stated above.  Applications will be made available online, by mail, and in-person during the scheduled distribution times. Applicants that prefer to submit a hard copy of the application (versus the online application) are required to mail the completed application back to Maloney Properties, Inc. The application must be postmarked on or before the application deadline date. Applications will not be accepted by email.

1. Applicants who submit a complete application by the deadline will then be entered into the lottery.

2. All applicants will receive an application number.

3. The application number is used for the lottery to keep the identity of applicants confidential.

4. The Boston Fair Housing Commission will then conduct a lottery and each applicant will then be assigned a lottery number (lottery #1 being first).

5. Following the lottery, we will then show the units to the top applicants based on the lottery number and preferences. At this stage, we will begin to request supporting documentation (paystubs, bank statements, taxes, etc.).

Please note that entry in the Lottery Drawing does not constitute qualification or eligibility. Applicant’s eligibility will be determined post lottery.


Income Questions:

How is my income calculated?
The household income is calculated based on the gross income of the household. Commissions, bonuses and other regular payments are included and considered part of the gross annual income.

I didn’t file taxes last year. What do I need to provide?
Individuals or households who did not file taxes must provide a verification of non-filing from the IRS in lieu of a tax return. To obtain the verification of non-filing, applicants should fill out a 4506-T form and file it by mail or hand-deliver it to an IRS office. The IRS will mail back a letter of verification which must be provided with the income materials given to the marketing agent. See the IRS website to download a 4506-T form.

I received a pay raise between the time I picked up an application and the time I was income certified and now I am over the income limit. What do I do?
Income is calculated at the time the applicant submits an application to the lottery agent, not during the application process or at the time of the lottery. Eligibility must be maintained from the time of the application pick up until after income certification verification. Unfortunately, if an applicant’s income is over the income limit, the applicant will not be eligible for the particular unit for which they applied.

I have children in school/college, how does this affect my application?
Income from children in school/college under the age of 18 is not considered towards the income of the household.

Are student loans considered income?
Student loans are not considered income and may not be used to income qualify.

I am separated from my spouse, does this affect my application?
Legally married couples shall both be considered part of the household, even if separated. Applicants with additional questions regarding this policy must speak with the marketing agent/seller.

I would like to appeal a decision regarding income eligibility. How do I appeal? Applicants who are rejected will receive a rejection letter in writing and will be given 7 days for the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Tel: 617-531-7123 Ext 714 – US Relay 711