Affordable Apartment Rentals

BPDA, DND and 40B Apartment Rentals in Massachusetts

Maloney’s real estate brokerage offers income-restricted, affordable apartment rentals in Greater Boston and across Massachusetts. Apartments are available either by lottery or on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis. Find our current availability in the table below. Select ‘view & apply’ to see photos and learn more about each property.

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Current Rental Availability

PropertyTown# BedsRentMinimum IncomeIncome Limit (AMI)TypeUnits AvailableAccessible UnitsLearn More
OrchardsMarlborough 2 - Bedroom $2,354 $70,62080%FCFS10View & Apply
EnneaSomervilleStudio$800$21,49950%Lottery10View & Apply
EnneaSomerville1-Bedroom$923$25,08250%Lottery10View & Apply
EnneaSomerville2-Bedroom$1,030$28,66550%Lottery1oView & Apply
EnneaSomerville3-Bedroom$1,151$32,24850%Lottery10View & Apply
EnneaSomervilleStudio$1,472$51,95151% (Minimum) - 80% (Maximum)Lottery10View & Apply
EnneaSomerville2-Bedroom$1,926$59,40151% (Minimum) - 80% (Maximum)Lottery20View & Apply
EnneaSomerville3-Bedroom$3,167$106,65181% (Minimum) - 110% (Maximum)Lottery10View & Apply
Canton Woods Canton 1 - Bedroom $2,021$60,63080%FCFS10View & Apply
The Cove Hingham2 - Bedroom $2,391$71,73080%FCFS11 View & Apply
TremontBurlington2 - Bedroom $2,464 $84,564.4880% FCFS10View & Apply
176 WashingtonChelsea 1 - Bedroom $2,004$60,12080%FCFS10View & Apply
Woburn HeightsWoburn1-Bedroom$2,019$60,57080%Lottery82 units built out for Households with Mobility ImpairmentsView & Apply
Woburn HeightsWoburn2-Bedroom$2,420$72,60080%Lottery172 units built out for Households with Mobility Impairments; 1 unit built out for Households with Visual Impairments and/or that are Deaf/Hard of HearingView & Apply
Prynne HillsCanton 1-Bedroom$2,071$62,13080%FCFS21View & Apply
Arlington 360 Arlington 2-Bedroom $2,950$88,500120%FCFS10View & Apply
Arlington 360 Arlington 1-Bedroom $2,600$78,000120%FCFS10View & Apply
80 Bridge StreetDedham1-Bedroom$2,078$62,34080%FCFS10View & Apply
Waterstone of LexingtonLexington 1 - Bedroom Assisted Living $3,9151 person HH - $ 58,725 , 2 person HH - $67,12580% FCFS20View & Apply
Waterstone of LexingtonLexington 1 - Bedroom Independent living rent $2,983.33$59,666.6080% FCFS90View & Apply
Waterstone of LexingtonLexington 2- Bedroom Independent living rent $3,356.67$67,133.2080% FCFS50View & Apply
Haywood House Newton1 Bedroom - Age Restricted 62+ all members of household $1,92957,87099%FCFS100View & Apply

The availability type FCFS shows that an apartment is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is not a lottery.
The rental opportunities listed above are available through Maloney’s real estate brokerage team . These properties are not necessarily managed by Maloney Properties.

To view apartment rental listings in MA, CT, RI, NH and VT at properties managed by Maloney, please visit: