Affordable Apartment Rentals

BPDA, DND and 40B Apartment Rentals in Massachusetts

Maloney’s real estate brokerage offers income-restricted, affordable apartment rentals in Greater Boston and across Massachusetts. Apartments are available either by lottery or on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis. Find our current availability in the table below. Select ‘view & apply’ to see photos and learn more about each property.

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Current Rental Availability

PropertyTown# BedsRentMinimum IncomeIncome Limit (AMI)TypeUnits AvailableAccessible UnitsLearn More
Wakefield Vista Wakefield 1-Bedroom$1,958$58,74080%FCFS10View & Apply
Jefferson Station Dedham 2-Bedroom $2,254$67,62080%FCFS10View & Apply
Wakefield Vista Wakefield 2-Bedroom$2,272$68,18080%FCFS10View & Apply
Jefferson Station Dedham 1-Bedroom$1,914$57,42080%FCFS10View & Apply
Emery Flats Woburn1-Bedroom$1,919$57,57080%FCFS10View & Apply
Halstead Burlington BurlingtonStudio$1,931$52,13780%FCFS1View & Apply
Halstead Burlington Burlington1-Bedroom $2,206$59,56280%FCFS10View & Apply
The EmersonWest End, Boston1-Bedroom$1,914$50,52090%FCFS10View & Apply
660 Washington St. BostonStudio$2,204 $98,150-$126,200.120% FCFS10View & Apply
660 Washington St. Boston1-Bedroom$2,136$78,550-$100,950 100% FCFS10View & Apply
EllingtonWestborough 2-Bedroom$1,671$50,13080%FCFS21View & Apply
Lux at StoughtonStoughton1-Bedroom$1,975$59,25080%FCFS10View & Apply
The Overlook at St. Gabriel’sBrighton2-Bedroom$2,931$87,930150% FCFS20View & Apply
The Overlook at St. Gabriel’sBrightonStudio $2,204$66,120150% FCFS10View & Apply
55 West 5thSouth Boston2-Bedroom$2,426$72,780100%FCFS20View & Apply
ViridianBoston (Fenway)2-Bedroom$2,426$78,500 to $112,150100%FCFS10View & Apply
ViridianBoston (Fenway)1-Bedroom$2,136$78,550 to $112,250100%FCFS10View & Apply
PortsideEast Boston2-Bedroom$2,931$87,930120%FCFS10View & Apply
PortsideEast Boston1-Bedroom$2,577$77,310150%FCFS10View & Apply
Fenway Triangle The Fenway 2-Bedroom$2,931$98,150 - $140,200120% FCFS10View & Apply
Waterstone at Lexington Lexington 1- Independent Living $2,983.33$59,666.60 80% Lottery120View & Apply
Waterstone at Lexington Lexington 2- Independent Living $3,356.66$67,133.20 80% Lottery62 units for households with mobility impairmentsView & Apply
Waterstone at Lexington Lexington 1- Assisted Living $3,915 1 Person HH, $4,475 2 Person HH 1 HH $58,725 | 2 HH $67,125 80% Lottery30View & Apply
7InkSouth EndSingle Room Occupancy (shared 2-4 bedroom apartments)$1,078$32,34070%FCFS314 - Built out for hearing impairedView & Apply
The OrchardsMarlborough 2-Bedroom$2,100$63,00080%FCFS21View & Apply
The OrchardsMarlborough 1-Bedroom$2,044$61,32080%FCFS20View & Apply
Woburn HeightsWoburn1-Bedroom$1,981$62,91080%Lottery70View & Apply
Woburn HeightsWoburn2-Bedroom$2,374$75,51080%Lottery101 unit built out for households with Mobility ImpairmentsView & Apply
Alta OxbowWayland2B + Den$2,287$68,01080%FCFS1View & Apply
176-178 Washington AveChelsea1-Bedroom$2,004$60,12080%Lottery20View & Apply
176-178 Washington AveChelsea2-Bedroom$2,269$68,07080%Lottery20View & Apply
Terra On LenoxRoxburyStudio$1,257$37,71070%Lottery11 Unit built out for households with both Mobility and Hearing ImpairmentsView & Apply
Terra On LenoxRoxbury1-Bedroom$1,473$44,19070%Lottery10View & Apply
Terra On LenoxRoxbury2-Bedroom$1,417$42,51060%Lottery11 Unit built out for households with Mobility ImpairmentsView & Apply
Terra On LenoxRoxbury3-Bedroom$1,586$47,58060%Lottery10View & Apply

The availability type FCFS shows that an apartment is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is not a lottery.
The rental opportunities listed above are available through Maloney’s real estate brokerage team . These properties are not necessarily managed by Maloney Properties.

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