Affordable Apartment Rentals

BPDA and DND Affordable Apartment Rentals in Massachusetts

Maloney’s real estate brokerage team offers incredible BPDA and DND affordable apartment rental opportunities in Greater Boston and across Massachusetts. Apartments are available either through a lottery process or on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis. Please select ‘view & apply’ to see photos and learn more about each property and how to apply.

Current Availability:

PropertyTown# BedsRentMinimum IncomeIncome Limit (AMI)TypeUnits AvailableLearn More
Marquee at AndoverAndover2$1,566$46,98080%FCFS1View & Apply
Lux at StoughtonStoughton1$1,459$43,77080%FCFS4View & Apply
1330 BoylstonFenway, Boston1$2,045$61,350100%FCFS1View & Apply
The Overlook at St. GabrielsBrightonStudio$1,960$47,040150%FCFS2View & Apply
The Overlook at St. GabrielsBrighton1$2,317$55,608150%FCFS1View & Apply
Kimball TowersBurlington1$1,702$50,00080%FCFS1View & Apply
ContinuumAllstonStudio$1,125$27,000 70%FCFS1View & Apply
Essex LoftsSalem, MA1$1,826$54,78080%FCFS1View & Apply
Essex LoftsSalem, MA2$2,015$60,45080%FCFS1View & Apply
BLDG 89AllstonStudio$1,203$36,09070%Lottery7View & Apply
BLDG 89Allston1$1,410$42,30070%Lottery8View & Apply
BLDG 89Allston2$1,597$47,91070%Lottery2View & Apply
312 Spring StreetWest Roxbury1$1,410$42,30070%Lottery1View & Apply
RopewalkCharlestown1$1,410$42,30070%Lottery8View & Apply
RopewalkCharlestown2$1,597$47,91070%Lottery5View & Apply
339 West BroadwaySouth Boston1$1,410$42,30070%Lottery2View & Apply
55 West Fifth StreetSouth BostonStudio$1,203$36,09070%Lottery3View & Apply
55 West Fifth StreetSouth Boston1 $1,410$42,30070%Lottery3View & Apply
55 West Fifth StreetSouth Boston2 $1,597$69.66070%Lottery1View & Apply
55 West Fifth StreetSouth Boston2$2,322$69,660100%Lottery2View & Apply
One Newcomb PlaceSouth EndMicro 1$1,269$45,68470%Lottery1View & Apply
One Newcomb PlaceSouth End2$1,597$57,49270%Lottery1View & Apply
One Newcomb PlaceSouth End3$1,789$64,40470%Lottery1View & Apply
The Smith- BPDA Certified ArtistsBoston1 1,318$39,54070%FCFS1View & Apply
Fenway Triangle Boston1$2,467$59,208120%FCFS1View & Apply
Fenway TriangleBoston2$2,626$63,024120%FCFS1View & Apply

The availability type FCFS shows that an apartment is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is not a lottery.
The rental opportunities listed above are available through Maloney’s real estate brokerage team . These properties are not necessarily managed by Maloney Properties.

To view apartment rental listings in MA, CT, RI, NH and VT at properties managed by Maloney, please visit:

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